Intimate and Elopement Weddings

Sometimes short is sweeter! If you who prefer a simple exchange of vows with a pre-selected reading and ring exchange, I offer my Express Wedding. Perhaps you prefer a location or time that doesn't work for a civil officiant or you prefer surroundings that express your love with a bit more beauty than a courthouse office. These weddings are typically less than 10 minutes long and are available only in the city of Chicago.

Fees for these ceremonies are $350-$450, depending on day of the week and the option of attending guests and include the following:
  • Initial conversation
  • Ceremony preparation
  • Officiating wedding
  • Travel expenses within Chicago city limits
  • Expenses to file marriage license with county clerk

Standard Ceremony

Having the option to choose from an edited list of readings and choosing from a popular selection of vows often rings true for couples who don't require a custom service or rehearsal. Your choices of vows and readings is woven into a predetermined format which will celebrate your commitment to one another. These weddings do not contain a love story narrative or ritual activities and are typically 10-15 minutes long.

The fee for the Standard Ceremony service begins at $600 and includes:
  • Initial planning conversation, including a planning packet
  • Choice of one reading from list or submission of your own poem or prose
  • Choice of vows from a list including traditional and contemporary or submission of your own personally written vows.
  • Ceremony will be provided to you for approval at least a week prior to wedding
  • Officiating wedding
  • Rehearsal
  • Expenses to file marriage license with county clerk
  • Travel expenses within Chicago city limits

Contact me with any questions you may have regarding these Express options or my Custom Designed Ceremonies.